Was Samson Black? Moses, Abraham, Samuel, David… White?

Was Samson black? Some people apparently hope not! “The Bible” series airing on The History Channel has some people perturbed. After the second part of the 10-part series aired Sunday, March 10, some viewers seem to be having fits that Samson was portrayed by a black man.

"The Bible" series shows Samson and his mother.

“The Bible” series shows Samson and his mother.

The British-Nigerian gentleman who portrayed Samson, who fell in love with a “white” Delilah, had some viewers wondering if “The Bible” series creators were trying to be “politically correct” by casting a black man… because the Jews weren’t “black”.

"The Bible" series shows Samson and Delilah.

“The Bible” series shows Samson and Delilah.

Not surprisingly, no one appeared upset that many of the actors portraying ancient Semitic peoples were very European looking with accents to boot (minus the background characters who actually are more historically accurate to the setting).

Why be upset that Samson is black and not that there are white, Europeans portraying Abraham, Lot, Moses, Joshua, Caleb, Samuel, Saul, David… In fact, “race” didn’t even exist (and in actuality still doesn’t) during antiquity — people simply belonged to ethnic groups and skin color was not a factor in terms of which group one belonged to. One was Jewish, Philistine, Cushite, Hittite, etc. — not “black, white, etc.” In fact, most people were probably brown in their skin tone.

It’s unfortunate that viewers, maybe even Christian ones, were so put off by a black man portraying Samson, but are perfectly fine with this historical and anthropological fudging of the other Biblical figures portrayed by white Europeans.

If anything, perhaps Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, et al were being PC by casting white Europeans for the major roles in an effort to make people (advertisers) comfortable.

All that nonsense aside, the story presentation of Samson was very well done. Looking forward to white Jesus.

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  • Ashley Euphoria Overton

    Whatever religion everyone is, if you read your bibles, Korans, or whatever “RACE” is never discussed.!! As believers we are not meant to conform to actions and beliefs of this world. The world puts race into matters. As a believer I do not. I don’t care what color Jesus or Samson was. Regardless of Samson’s color he still love God and regardless of Jesus’s color of skin he still died for me. So that’s all that matters.

  • blackdreamhunk

    I see you delete my earlier links because people here are racist so I am put this right here

    Ashkenazi Jews Trace Ancestry To Europe Not The Near East, Ancient Jewish Men ‘Married European Women’



  • dreamhunk
  • dreamhunk

    one more good link

  • adewale

    Also….people stop saying all hebrews were jewish (bullcrap). Like saying all hebrews were levitish…(what ever that means)….lol…….its called yahudi (jewish is made up and means like a jew)…..let that marinate a bit. Hebrews are the whole group and yahudi (jew in english) is the damn tribe, levi is a tribe, dan is a tribe, manaseh is tribe, etc etc….so stop calling all hebrews jews or jewish. All yahudi are hebrew but not all hebrews are yahudi…..like come on people!

  • adewale

    Dreamhunk thank you…people wont brlieve until it is put in their faces. You cant deny an image like these…..!

  • dreamhunk
    • adewale

      Finally the truth with evidence…….damn people act like the current people of israel and ancients are the same…geez. that is why color is emphasized so we can determine who the real hebrew descendants are in modern times. Cause the current so called hebrews dont fit the prophecies……or the ancient images of hebrews…I smell a fraud. Converts are valued just as much but please dont lie to yourselfs and start believing white khazers and ashekanzim have a direct blood line to original hebrews! Much thanks dreamhunk….this is refreshing!

  • dreamhunk

    the ancient Hebrews were black and they had dread locks


  • James Lewis

    People, don’t be fooled by Hollywood inserts.It builds from controversy.
    The truth is Sampson was an average size man, not the power lifter portrayed. It was because of his average size that mystified the Philistines to use Delilah to reveal the secret to his strength which was not obvious by looking at his body.

  • Angelicbeauty

    Im sorry to burst everyone’s bubble on here, but Sampson, along with the Jews (tribe of Judah), and the rest of The 11 tribes, of the TRUE Israelites, were Black people (a fact). And to be direct with you all, i mean “BLACK PEOPLE”, as in the people over here in America. Yes we are the chosen. Research it, and then come back with your dispute. Whites have been so esteemed for so long, that they are willing to steal the identity of a nation, just because some idiot in the 14th century painted a picture of Cesare Borgia, to be The Christ.. The biggest lie ever told.

    • adewale


  • Cathy

    The series of the Bible has been well put together. However, those that are concerned about. Sampson, don’t worry yourself about it. Just remember no matter what color you are you must be ready when the Lord returns. He is not going to ask us what color was Sampson. So don’t stress over something that doesn’t realty matter. At a church service the topic was “It really doesn’t matter, it is what it is.”

    • Adewale

      I bet it would make you feel a little uneasy (be real now) if they would have darkened the lilly white Jesus we are all used to seeing and gave him taste dreadlocks.

      • Rose

        They would riot if Jesus was depicted as the bible described him lol

  • Adewale

    Look at the Babylon pics of Hebrew captives on their damn walls!!! LOOK at the damn walls and see nappy headed people and eat your words!!!!! Some even had “DREAD LOCKS” ….One day Hollywood will wake up!!!!!! If the world started in African…its obvious that most of these characters were black or had admixture of African blood!! This is true history!!!! People come on. 80% of the characters in the bible should be depicted with black and dark middle eastern actors / actresses. Most of the damn stories in the bible take place in these areas!!!!!! Are whites in bible?…yes and they are the gentiles!!!! Are there some blacks in bible that were not Hebrew? Hell yes and they are gentiles tooo!!! Get it …the Hebrews (habiru) were a specific group of blacks not just any black or middle easterners. If black populated earth first (thus sayeth the WHITE SCIENTISTs!!) then all this argument about what colors these characters were is pointless…cause its obvious….they were black or mulattoes. Period……USE YOUR INTELLECT. Now if I was white and my people happen to rule the current times….I would depict most characters as white too….so why argue about it…. the conquerors get the write history not the loser. So right now the people on top happen to be whites so expect their cultural / racial spin on history and everything else in current times!!! Just being real!!

    • http://ccn.com tbone

      not true

  • Kelly

    It is acting…actors portraying roles. I think it has been an excellent series. No one had a problem with Charlton Heston as Moses…Moses was Not WHITE! Jesus was not white. In fact, he was a “very common ordinary looking man” according to the Bible and so, he would likely NOT resemble the sandy haired, fair complexioned man we see playing his part. Listen to the story told rather than finding fault in the skin tones of the actors. Better yet, educate yourself by reading the Bible and pray for God’s guidance.

  • lems

    Wow!!! People (including some christians) are making such a big deal about this samson mess as if they knew the real samson personally!! Just so you all know, Jews back then didnt look like jews do today. they didnt look like adam sandler or steven spielberg (mixed european breeds). No one but god knows how they looked as far as skin color. If people will raise hell about a black samson, they should also raise hell about a welch looking jesus and stop being hypocrites. thank you all.

  • Alice

    What’s all the commotion about? Who really knows what these people were and who cares? I thought the acting was great and the parts were realistically played and that’s all that should matter.

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