Was Samson Black? Moses, Abraham, Samuel, David… White?

Was Samson black? Some people apparently hope not! “The Bible” series airing on The History Channel has some people perturbed. After the second part of the 10-part series aired Sunday, March 10, some viewers seem to be having fits that Samson was portrayed by a black man.

"The Bible" series shows Samson and his mother.
“The Bible” series shows Samson and his mother.

The British-Nigerian gentleman who portrayed Samson, who fell in love with a “white” Delilah, had some viewers wondering if “The Bible” series creators were trying to be “politically correct” by casting a black man… because the Jews weren’t “black”.

"The Bible" series shows Samson and Delilah.
“The Bible” series shows Samson and Delilah.

Not surprisingly, no one appeared upset that many of the actors portraying ancient Semitic peoples were very European looking with accents to boot (minus the background characters who actually are more historically accurate to the setting).

Why be upset that Samson is black and not that there are white, Europeans portraying Abraham, Lot, Moses, Joshua, Caleb, Samuel, Saul, David… In fact, “race” didn’t even exist (and in actuality still doesn’t) during antiquity — people simply belonged to ethnic groups and skin color was not a factor in terms of which group one belonged to. One was Jewish, Philistine, Cushite, Hittite, etc. — not “black, white, etc.” In fact, most people were probably brown in their skin tone.

It’s unfortunate that viewers, maybe even Christian ones, were so put off by a black man portraying Samson, but are perfectly fine with this historical and anthropological fudging of the other Biblical figures portrayed by white Europeans.

If anything, perhaps Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, et al were being PC by casting white Europeans for the major roles in an effort to make people (advertisers) comfortable.

All that nonsense aside, the story presentation of Samson was very well done. Looking forward to white Jesus.

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