Tim Tebow Pitches For-Profit ‘Share Faith, Hope and Love’ Bracelets

Tim Tebow, NFL star currently with no NFL team to call home, has been pitching “Share Faith, Hope and Love” bracelets to support his Tim Tebow Foundation.


(Photo: Twitter/TimTebow)

(Photo: Twitter/TimTebow)

The bracelets are kind of ugly, but they’re for a good cause and it’s certain many of Tebow’s 2.4 million Twitter followers will scoop some up. The Share Faith, Hope, Love (SFHL) company is a for-profit company partly run by Tebow’s brother (and Erik Dellenback, another member of the Tebow Foundation), a portion of the proceeds from sales of the bracelets go into the Tim Tebow Foundation.

The Tim Tebow Foundaiton involves Tebow basically spending time with kids who admire him and could use some encouragement.

Find out more about the Share Faith, Hope, Love company here: www.sharefhl.com/our-inspiration

Check out the Tim Tebow Foundation here: www.timtebowfoundation.org


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