Home Entertainment Sports Tim Tebow Has No Major Influence, According to GQ

Tim Tebow...tebowing.

Tim Tebow is no longer of much relevance, but that doesn’t keep him out of the news.


From GQ, which ranked Tebow no. 12 on its list of 25 most uninfluential people:

His NFL career blissfully ended this summer when he was cut by the Patriots, presumably because he didn’t murder anyone. And yet he remains ESPN’s pet rock: a kind of Moral Superboy that the network can deploy whenever it senses your eyeballs wandering away from the screen. He is more valuable to the network as a nonplayer than as the Canadian Football League benchwarmer that he actually is. The less you see him bumble around on the field, the more Skip Bayless can turn his struggle into a kind of National Virtue Index.

SOURCE: http://www.gq.com/entertainment/celebrities/201312/least-influential-people-2013

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