Lecrae music video "I'm Turnt".

Lecrae Needs to Be Reevaluated by the Christian Church, Says Critic

If Lecrae were looking at himself objectively, even he would caution church leaders considering “bringing him in.” In his attempt to reach and engage today’s hip hop culture, the popular rapper has made some decisions that are destructive to the souls of men. Lecrae may be able to work with secular artists and not be influenced by their music content – but our youth are not.

Lecrae Moore

Lecrae: ‘I’m Here to Help the Sick’

Lecrae recently did an interview about his new “Churches Clothes 2″ mixtape, his studio album and his distinctions between his “holy hip-hop” music a couple of years ago and the focus of his new music.


Lecrae to Sign With Jay-Z?

Lecrae recently revealed how his name was brought to rapper Jay-Z’s attention, and whether he plans on working with the prolific recording artist.

Lecrae Moore was interviewed by PBS Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly for a Feb. 8, 2013, episode.

Lecrae Talks About Being a Christian and a Rapper With PBS

Lecrae Moore was interviewed for an episode of PBS “Religious & Ethics NewsWeekly” on mainstream Christian music, and talks about coming to faith in Christ, reaching his audience with the Gospel, and staying true to his calling in life, despite those critical of “Christian rap”.


Michelle Malkin, Lecrae Get on The Game Over ‘Jesus Piece’ Album?

Conservative Christian Michelle Malkin got into a brief Twitter beef with rapper The Game Thursday night over his profanity-laced “Jesus Piece” album in which he claims he’s repping Christ, but actually dragging the Holy Trinity through the mud. Apparently rapper and Christian minister Lecrae Moore reached out to The Game as well.

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