Stephen Baldwin to Star in Christian Sitcom ‘A Rock and a Hard Place’?











What do a bar, a church and actor Stephen Baldwin have in common? Nothing…yet.

But if some enthusiastic entertainment producers have their way, all three will be fixtures in “Rock and a Hard Place,” a proposed television show that could end up gracing the small screen.

Creator Darren Marlar told TheBlaze that the concept for the sitcom — a pastor who inherits a bar across the street from his church — was born three years ago.

“It all started with a dream,” he said.

And Marlar meant that both figuratively and literally. The radio personality and comic recalled once having a quirky dream about a preacher who inherited a pub. While he said he doesn’t remember much else about what his subconscious drummed up, the general idea of a man of the cloth running a bar stuck with him.

“The more I started thinking about it, I thought ‘This is really a good idea for an ongoing TV show,’” Marlar explained.

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