Should Christians Get Tattoos? Are Tattoos Sinful?

Christians and Tattoos: Jefferson Bethke, Lecrae, Craig Groeschel and  Bianca Juarez Olthoff Respond

In this video post, Christian ministers and speakers tackle the often asked question about Christians and tattoos: is it sinful?

1. Are Tattoos Sinful? – Jefferson Bethke (speaker, spoken word artist 2012) – @JeffersonBethke

2. Lecrae on Tattoos Not Being a Sin (speaker, rapper 2011) – @Lecrae

3. Can a Christian get a Tattoo? – Craig Groeschel (Pastor, 2010) @craiggroeschel

4. Is a Tattoo a Sin? – Bianca Juarez Olthoff (speaker, 2009) – @BiancaOlthoff


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