She’s A Homewrecker Founders Launch He’s A Homewrecker for Cheating Men Who Ruin Marriages, Relationships

Would You Publicly Expose Your Spouse’s Plaything If You Had the Chance?

The creators of the She’s A Homewrecker website have launched a complimentary website to expose the cheating men ruining the relationships of other men.

The about page on He’s A Homewrecker reads:

Well, well, well, there has been such a spectacle being made from –stating that we do not blame the men who have made a commitment to us. With that being said, here it is!! is here to expose the Cheating Man in your life who has broken your heart into pieces!

According to the “about” page on She’s A Homewrecker:

They say if you can’t beat them join them, but we say if you can’t beat them, EXPOSE them! is exposing everyone from the Hollywood Homewrecker to the average white picket fence destroying women who just can’t seem to let go of your husbands and boyfriends! Do you have a story to share or a HOMEWRECKER to expose? If so, click the Expose Homewrecker button via the website. Don’t forget to include photos! We LOVE to publish pictures of the Mistress who is driving you mad!


The She’s A Homewrecker website has been featured in the media of late.

Here’s an excerpt from a Daily Mail article:

A controversial website encourages heart-broken women to publicly name and shame the ‘home wreckers’ who led their husbands or boyfriends to cheat. lists over 500 ‘mistresses’ from across the U.S. with their name, location and photograph on full view. Profiles also include the ‘juicy details’ surrounding each affair.

For example, one entry features a photograph of an Iowa-based woman – described as a ‘home wrecking s***’ – cuddled up to a user’s husband. An accompanying description reads: ‘She will never have his heart like I did. EVER. I will love that man until the day I die.’

The cheated-on woman continues: ‘I just wish home wreckers like her would think about their “boyfriends” families before themselves.

‘Thanks to her, my daughter only sees her daddy every other weekend and my oldest daughter does not see him anymore.’

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