Santa Crucified: Christian Man Hangs Bloody Santa on Cross; Says It’s Not Satanic Nor About Jesus

A Christian man living near a church is surprised to learn that anyone has taken offense to his bloody Santa wearing a crown of thorns on a wooden cross display, and says he never thought of the Jesus connection.

“It’s Just a Christmas Ornament,” Says Homeowner Who’s Christian


A Christmas decoration is causing quite a stir in one Corpus Christi neighborhood.

Its a bloody Santa Claus hanging on a cross with a thorn crown.

While some don’t mind it, others find it inappropriate.

At first glance it may look like a Halloween decoration until you take a closer look and notice a Santa hat and Christmas lights.

“It’s December, it’s Christmas time. It is just a Christmas ornament,” Aaron Olivares, the homeowner explains.

Aaron Olivares created an unusual Christmas decoration. It’s hanging outside his garage here on Horne and Nicholson.

It’s a stuffed Santa suit made to look like the jolly ole Saint Nick. But then there’s blood, a crown of thorns, and the decoration is stretched out on a wooden cross.

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