Ron Carpenter Says Wife Hope Carpenter Lived Distinct Double Lives

Pastor Ron Carpenter of Redemption World Outreach Center in South Carolina has spoken to local media about disclosing his wife’s “multiple affairs” and treatment at an out of state facility.


Carpenter said Hope admitted to having even more affairs and said everything deteriorated from that point.

“In the state which I saw my wife leave I wouldn’t want anyone anywhere to have access to her. It is that bad,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter told WORD Radio Monday morning that the infidelity is only five percent of what’s going on in Hope’s life.

“There were two distinct double lives. This is not a fling. Not an affair. There was a whole other life and culture and dress code and friends,” explained Carpenter.

A lot of people have asked why Carpenter decided to go public with all this Sunday during his sermon.

He responded by saying, “I have to tell my people because I know them. I do teach them faith, I do teach them to believe that there is a God that does miracles. But I could not mislead them because the behavior has become so detrimental to the family unit I ‘m having to turn my efforts to bring some stability at home.”

Carpenter said he doesn’t plan to reconcile with Hope and went on to say he has no plans in stepping down as Senior Pastor at Redemption World Outreach.


Watch a video report:

FOX Carolina 21

Carpenter, in the meantime, says of his upcoming Sunday message: “This Sunday… I don’t have a sermon … I have an assignment… Can’t wait to be with my church family.”

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