Rick Warren Posts Photo of Kay Warren, Oprah Winfrey and Roma Downey — Debate Ensues

Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren published a photo of his wife Kay Warren posing with Oprah Winfrey and “The Bible” producer Roma Downey. Some of his supporters had a problem with that.

Here are some of the comments left on Pastor Warren’s Facebook and Instagram pages — which are mostly focused on Oprah Winfrey, who has infamously proclaimed that Jesus Christ “couldn’t possibly be the only way” of Salvation.

“You need to share with Oprah that Jesus is the only way to God, not all that New Age Spirituality junk she pedals! She’s done more to harm Gods message and keep people from Heaven than most, since her influence is so huge!! Yes she’s helped people in this physical world, but Eternity should be the focus!”

“To me Oprah Winfrey represents a kind of token lip service to the merits of Christianity. To me Christianity is just another way but not the way, in the mind of Oprah. This kind of friendship with the philosophy of the world makes it look as if ministers of the gospel are cheapening themselves for the sake what? Oprah can add nothing to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Proceed with caution.”

“ Rick, why are you promoting creativity with Oprah??? Please assure me that you don’t think of her teachings as worthy of listening to by Christians?”

“Oprah needs Jesus from all she has said. She may do some good but it’s for HER glory not to the glory of Jesus….”

Kay Warren, Oprah Winfrey and Roma Downey.

Kay Warren, Oprah Winfrey and Roma Downey. (Photo: Facebook/Pastor Rick Warren)

And responses from other followers of Rick Warren who were troubled by the critical comments…

“Wow! I’m dismayed at some of your responses to a very simple statement: “3 of the most creative women in America together last night.” Your response says more about YOU than it does Oprah. Where is the fruit of the Spirit … You know … kindness, gentleness, love, etc? I’m not an Oprah fan, but your words of dishonor are no better.”

“Why are we as Christians spouting out so much hatred toward Oprah. Maybe if we show a bit more love we could reach her for Jesus. Okay, so she believes there are many ways to the Father, maybe by loving her and witnessing to her we could show her the truth and thus cause her to want to change her way of thinking and to accept Jesus as her Savior and Lord. Let’s stop judging and start loving!”

Someone gave a lengthy rebuke in defense of Pastor Rick Warren:

“Jesus ate with the tax collectors. The pious self righteous pharisees and scribes spoke out. Christ came for the lost, the broken, the unrighteous. So what Ps Rick should do is shun Oprah until she becomes a Christian? How absurd. Bebe Winans who is a devout Christian is friends with her.

Some of these comments have the mentality that we are to live in some Christian bubble. Know only Christian people do only Christian things. You’ll reach no one with this exclusive disposition. Attitudes, mindsets and characters that tell me as a Christian man I’m not allowed to take a picture with a worldy sports figure because he’s not a believer… that I can’t be standing next to Bill Gates in a photo captioned how creative he is because he’s not a believer….

Some of you with your self righteous standpoint and approach do more to damage, push away and alienate the lost from Gods love. As for me I’ll take my example from Christ himself and eat with the sinners, the tax collectors and the lost and I’ll have friends that need Christ.

Pastor Rick need not be ashamed.”

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