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Paul Crouch OC Weekly

Trinity Broadcasting Network

Trinity Broadcasting Network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The OC Weekly published a photo last week of Paul Crouch, head of the troubled TBN, holding up his middle finger on camera. In the photo, Crouch is seen wearing a clergyman’s collar and a pinky ring, which is kind of interesting, too. But most shockingly, Mr. Crouch is holding up his middle finger on his right hand while he stares directly into the camera…which I’m assuming he thought was NOT rolling. Some folks believe the image has been Photoshopped. What say you?

Based on the information included with the photo, it’s apparent the blogger is not a follower of Jesus Christ…but Paul Crouch, creator of the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Fla., is supposed to be. Which begs the question once more — is he really flipping the bird? Apparently TBN, already knee deep in controversy over allegations of financial shenanigans, is keeping mum on the matter.

Paul Crouch OC Weekly

Paul Crouch of TBN. (Photo: OC Weekly)

One OC Weekly reader was sure the photo of Paul Crouch holding up his middle finger was fake:

aorian_starr – “It is clearly a photo-shopped photo. It is clear that the offending fingers are not the older man’s in the photo! The fingers and thumb in the photo appear to be from a younger man, and a man with a different skin tone as well. If you resolution on your monitor is good enough you can even see the splice line where the offensive finger where over laid on the man’s hand.”

I don’t know much about this fella, but the photo has been doctored. Regardless what type of person he is, Saint or Fiend, such attempts to defame someone is wrong!

However, once another reader made a corrective comment about the apparent tone mismatch, “aorian_starr” changed his mind:

“On second look, it does look like it is a photo of a bad monitor and the shading I looked at before looks like it is due to poor display quality on the screen being photographed. If this man did actually make that jesture, it is very telling about the man’s heart. No matter what is going on or why the gesture is being made, it is something one who professes to follow Yeshua Hammashiach should do!”

The blog on which the photo is published is extremely adult-oriented, so be warned if you plan on hunting for the photo yourself.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what Paul Crouch is doing with the Dome of the Rock behind him, The Los Angeles Times reports that TBN and DayStar are in Jerusalem hoping to catch Christ Jesus return live on TV or whatever.

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