Priest Who Says He Exorcised Demons Inside Indiana’s ‘Portal to Hell’ Inks Movie Deal

The house where Latoya Ammons lived with her family was on Carolina St. in Gary. This is a photo taken by the police. A figure appears to show itself in the window at right.  Photo provided by the Hammond Police Department.












Just as the dust is settling on the Indiana exorcism story that captivated the nation last week, it seems the priest involved in the terrifying case has already inked a movie deal.

The Rev. Michael Maginot, the faith leader who has claimed that what he saw and experienced at Latoya Ammons’ home was not of this world, reportedly signed a film deal with Evergreen Media Holdings’ executive chairman Tony DeRosa-Grund.

DeRosa-Grund also produced “The Conjuring,” a similar story about a family who claims their Rhode Island farm house was infested with purported demonic spirits.

While Maginot declined to reveal the details of his agreement with the Hollywood producer, he told The Indianapolis Star that it is a “standard deal” — one that he believes will lead to an accurate portrayal of what he experienced inside the home.

“The story is good as it is,” Maginot told the outlet, noting that there’s no need to sensationalize it. “You don’t need to go crazy with it.”

And it seems that’s not the only Hollywood contract the priest signed. Maginot also reportedly inked a deal with Zak Bagans, host of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel, to make a documentary about his experience in the home.

As TheBlaze previously reported, following media coverage of the family’s possession claims, Bagans decided to purchase the home for $35,000. He plans to live there and document the experience. …read more

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