Benny Hinn Celebrates 60th Birthday With Baby Photo

Benny Hinn Training for Ministry Conference. C...

Benny Hinn Training for Ministry Conference. Convention Center ‘Henry B. Gonzalez ‘. San Antonio, Texas. Photo by Rodolfo Macias (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Minister Benny Hinn turned 60 years old this week (Dec. 3) and shared a photo of himself as a young boy, looking very grown up and profound in his short pants. His many supporters got a kick out of seeing the Christian minister as a young child.

Hinn shared the photo on Facebook of himself as a little boy writing: “Before I was born, my mother prayed, ‘God, I have only one request. If You’ll give me a boy, I’ll give him back to You.’ How little did she know that 60 years later her baby boy would still be proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world!”

Benny Hinn in a baby photo

Minister Benny Hinn is seen in a photo of him as a little boy. (Facebook/Benny Hinn Ministries)

As many of Hinn’s supporters noticed, the minister’s face has not changed a bit (minus a little wear of course).

The Christian minister, known for his global “healing ministry” meetings, was offered well-wishes form his supporters, with one writing: “Precious, just precious, I pray for you Pastor to be able to continue doing a wonderful Ministry, for the whole world needs to know Jesus!!!”

Others, however, took the occasion to accuse Hinn of preaching another gospel, with one commenter writing: “The Christ that he preaches is not the one of the Bible. Read his sermons, listen to what he says…and then compare it to the Bible. He is way off…and he preaches a Religion that is more Cultist than Christ like.”

The photo of Benny Hinn as a little boy — who recently announced reconciling with is wife Suzanne Hinn — has been “liked” more than 25,400 times, shared by 1,525 Facebook users and has attracted 2,500 comments.

What in the world could little Benny Hinn be thinking about with such an expression on his face?


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