Pat Robertson Blames Ugly, Overweight Women for Broken Marriages?

Pat Robertson basically told a 17-year-old viewer of “The 700 Club” worried about his parents’ relationship that sometimes “awful-looking” women are to blame for the “spark of love” dying out in marriages.

Watch Robertson dish out his sage advice:


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  • http://N/A Laurence Charles Ringo

    0.K. Is it possible Pat Robertson is mentally ill? Other than his pet sheeple,who else listens to him? Every since he advocated the assasination of Hugo Chavez,I’ve been done with him;I’m convinced there is something seriously wrong with him,and I am constanly amazed that so many supposed”christians”continue to give him a platform!! What a sad,sorry state so many segments of the American church has fallen into;no wonder people are leaving in droves,and rightly so!! Flee!!!

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