Pastor Ron Carpenter Reveals Message From Wife Hope Carpenter After Sharing Illness, Adultery

Ron Carpenter, pastor Redemption World Outreach Center, has shared a statement from his wife, after revealing this past Sunday that Hope Carpenter was getting psychiatric help after committing adultery.

Pastor Carpenter’s statement shared on Facebook Wednesday:

Hey guys…first of all let me say that our family is completely overwhelmed by the kindness, Love, grace , and mercy demonstrated by everyone. I now know what it means to “bear one another’s burdens”.

Please know that we FEEL your love…. I am grateful beyond measure. I braced for the worst as I new many would try sensationalize the story and turn it into something it’s not.

It’s tragic and it’s sad…however the church community couldn’t have been any kinder. Both sides of the family actually spoke w Hope on the phone for 45 minutes yesterday. She has asked me to speak on her behalf and in deep brokenness.. She made me promise to let each of you know that she is sorry for any pain she may have caused and she received great joy in my assuring her of y’all’s great love for her. I love each of you dearly and CAN NOT WAIT to see you… One day at a time..

Pastor Ron

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