Pastor Paula White at Trumpet Awards in ‘Daring Red Dress’ — Too Much Skin?

Pastor Paula White was seen wearing a “daring” red dress on the red of the 2013 Trumpet Awards, and raised the question of it if was too much for a Christian minister. writes: “Pastor Paula White is pushing the fashion envelope and redefining what is deemed suitable attire for a Christian woman pastor. In a revealing red halter dress, the senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida shimmered on the red carpet at the 2013 Trumpet Awards.”

Here’s a photo of Pastor White’s Trumpet Awards attire in 2013, versus her attire during the 2009 Trumpet Awards. There’s obviously a big change… but was White revealing too much this year?


Pastor Paula White is seen at the Trumpet Awards in 2013 and in 2009.

Pastor Paula White is seen at the Trumpet Awards in 2013 and in 2009.


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  • MSgt K

    Horrible! But this false preacher doesn’t suprise me anymore!

  • Jennifer Logan

    She looks like a Hollywood A lister!! She has the body for such clothes. If she goes too far,the Holy Ghost won’t let her leave the house wearing such. I think she looks okay given her body shape. If it was a huge bulging figure ,it would be another story.

    • Deacon Jose’ Hill-Soto

      If Paula White is false then treat her like Christ treated the woman accused of adultery! NO ONE WAS WITHOUT SIN and none could throw a stone at her! JESUS told her and today he is telling all of us “GO AND SIN NO MORE”! Be Merciful and Forgiving as Christ Jesus! Worship God and Love as God LOVES (AGAPE) – Unconditionally! Glory be to God! Now pray for Paula and I do mean “PRAY” not “prey”! LORD HELP US ALL!

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