Pastor Apologizes for ‘Pre-Judging’ Carl Lentz as a ‘False Teacher’

Hillsong NYC Church Pastor Criticized Online for Homosexuality Comments

Carl Lentz’s interviews about calling out sin publicly drew all kinds of negative criticism (read about it here), and one Christian minister who initially lashed out now has publicly apologized for calling the Hillsong Church pastor a “false teacher”.

Woods’ description on YouTube regarding his “character assassination” of Lentz:

Published on Dec 27, 2013
Pastor Saiko Woods apologizes to Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong Church in New York for his inaccurate statements regarding Pastor Lentz’s appearance on Katie Couric dated Dec. 19, 2013.

Watch the video, which is about 20 minutes long. The apology comes right away, however..

Woods also extended his apology to Lentz via Twitter, which is the same platform the Texas minister used to verbally attack Lentz.

The images below give a rundown of how Woods’ apology was brought to Christ.Culture.News’ attention, as well as a view on how Pastors Lentz and Woods’ have patched things up…





Click the links below to get more background on how Lentz was initially confronted on Twitter by Saiko and others critical of (and impressed by) his public comments on homosexuality being preached from the pulpit.

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  • A concerned Christian

    I think first and foremost that people need to understand that Saiko Woods is most definitely a false teacher and a pretender. He does not display the characteristics of a “minister of the Gospel” in no shape, form, or fashion. His name and character precedes him. And although I can appreciate his apology, please understand that Saiko Woods is only doing that for attention. He has and always will be seeking attention from anywhere he can get it. He loves to debate with people. It is as if he is starved for attention and seeks or lashes out at others to get it. I hope that others will see Saiko Woods for who he really is and stay clear of him. There are ministers that will have no contact or association with him and I wish that others would disassociate from this man also. He truly loves debating folks and attention. For all of the Christ-honoring ministers, please be warned that Saiko Woods is no friend but merely a man who, by his personality and character, shames the Gospel you represent.

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