Pope Cologne Exists: Now You Too Can Smell Like Pope Francis

Pope Cologne Goes for $27 Plus Free Shipping!

A company named Excelsis USA has developed a men’s fragrance (pope cologne) named “Francis.”

Pope Francis fragrance, cologne for men.
Pope Francis fragrance, cologne for men. (Photo: www.excelsisusa.com)

From the company:

Made expressly for His Holiness Pope Francis to celebrate the Petrine succession of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, Pontifex Maximus, 266th Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.

EXCELSIS fragrances are made from the finest essential oils from the far corners of the world. Among them: frankincense from the Arabian peninsula, lavender from France, bergamot from Italy. Vetiver from Indonesia, linden blossom from Germany. Employing the methods of Old World perfumers, the various oils are artfully blended to create astonishingly pleasing fragrances with depth, character, balance and complexity.

Combining oils with varying volatility results in fragrances that come to life and evolve after being placed on the skin, changing and delighting as the day progresses from morning to night.

We think that our colognes are tasteful and elegant.

We know of no finer colognes anywhere, at any price.

Well, if there really are no finer colognes anywhere, at any price, men and the ladies in their lives should be rushing to grab this “fine fragrance” of Francis.

Excelsis USA : Fine Fragrances : Mens Best Cologne : Womens Perfume : Men’s Cologne : Free Holy Cards : Unique Perfumes : Buy Rare Colognes for Men.

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