‘Left Behind’ TV Series in the Works? Plus Movie Director Addresses Nicolas Cage’s ‘Faith’

‘Left Behind’ movie producer Paul Lalonde did a Q&A on the official Facebook page for “Left Behind” this week. See what fans asked, and how he responded.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Q: Any chance for a Left Behind TV series? With all the awesome shows out there that span for years to tell stories, I think a TV Series would suit Left Behind REALLY well. Each book can be a season.

Paul Lalonde: “There is a possibility, but I do not have the TV rights for Left Behind. Someone else has them and has been trying for ten years to get someone interested enough to make it happen. Hopefully this movie will give them some traction because I would like to see that happen too.”

Q: Was it difficult finding actors to be in this movie….and those who are in it, are they believers? Or is it just another job?

Paul Lalonde: ”It was hard REACHING actors – many agents did not want to share a faith based script with their clients and that was the biggest challenge. Of those who actually saw the script though, I don’t think more than one or two actually turned it down for it’s Christian content. Some of the actors are believers. Some are evangelical and outspoken believers and others are believers in their private but not public lives. I will leave it up to them to decide what they share with their fans.”

Q: Are any of the actors signed to a multi-film deal? As in ready to come back for Tribulation Force?

Pal Lalonde: “Yes.”

Q: Will they [the movie installments] be biblicaly correct?

Paul Lalonde: ”I guess that depends on who you ask. This movie, by definition, is based on a pre-tribulation rapture. There are those who would disagree with that interpretation of scripture. Please don’t turn this thread into a giant debate on theology. We can cover that elsewhere. There is no ‘twist’ on the truth — saying the vanishings were due to an alien attack or anything like that, so I’m not really sure what your question is. Remember, this movie is about the day of the rapture.”

Q: Why Nicholas Cage? He is not a believer.

Paul Lalonde: “How do you know that? I have said before that MANY Christians I know do not have ‘I Love Jesus’ bumper stickers and especially in the entertainment world, there are a lot of Christian actors who have chosen to keep their personal faith a private matter. So while you may wish that someone was vocal about their faith, we should be careful declaring who is a believer and who is not. That is between them and God.”

The new “Left Behind” movie starring Nicolas Cage as Captain Rayford Steele hits theaters next year. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leftbehindreboot

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