Lecrae Needs to Be Reevaluated by the Christian Church, Says Critic


Lecrae music video "I'm Turnt".

Lecrae music video “I’m Turnt”. (Photo: YouTube)

It was January 2005 at an extended family lunch in the Dallas area. My husband and I were passionately sharing with a cousin our mission to reach university students, when she leaned in and asked, “Have y’all heard of Lecrae?” We replied, “No” and asked her to tell us about him.

“He’s an awesome rapper, with a passion for the lost — kinda like y’all, but he’s a hip hop missionary,” she explained. “I was a part of Plumbline with him. Y’all should check him out.”

In a matter of months we were in contact with Lecrae Moore to bring him to the University of Louisiana. I remember standing on a back wall with a humble Mrs. Moore. We talked the entire concert. I didn’t know the couple, but they already had my respect and admiration. About a year later Lecrae would be on his way back to Louisiana for an outdoor concert I was helping to emcee. By this time there wasn’t a church venue NOT seeking to bring him to their youth group. I can’t tell you how many missions videos I’ve watched featuring “Send Me” as the background track.

The point is: the Church embraced Lecrae.

- See more at: http://www.onenewsnow.com/perspectives/miscellaneous/2014/01/27/is-it-time-for-the-church-to-reevaluate-lecrae#sthash.QOdK6HjN.dpuf …read more


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