Lecrae and Darragh Moore: Rapper Calls Wife ‘Real Woman’

Ever since Lecrae was spotted on the red carpet with his wife at the BET Awards with his wife, fans have been trying to learn more about Darragh Moore.

Lecrae and wife Darragh Moore.

Lecrae and wife Darragh Moore. (Photo: Facebook/Lecrae)

In July, this is what Lecare had to say about his wife and the mother of his children:

Nothing like a real woman to hold you down; good days and bad. Even when she frustrates you beyond belief y’all both know no one is going anywhere and you work it out. She’s not perfect but God’s perfecting her. She’s in your corner when the world is against you. You don’t play around with these type of women. You marry them, take care of them, and help them become the women God made them to be. #Igotoneofthose #blessed

Here’s a video from March 2013 in which Lecrae talks briefly about Darragh Moore before she became his wife:

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