Lecrae Clarifies BET Comment on Rapper Chief Keef’s Baptism

Lecrae, Christian rapper and minister, appeared on BET’s 106&Park program earlier this week and was asked a question about another rapper, Chief Keef getting baptized after a string of run-ins with the law. Apparently, Lecrae felt his answer was less than stellar and shared his thoughts with fans on Facebook.

Lecrae wrote on Facebook LATE Wednesday night:

If I’m honest the Cheif Keef question I was asked on 106 and Park threw me for a loop. I wasn’t ready for that one. I don’t think they were asking a theological question as much as they were asking about his sincerity and I wanted to demonstrate grace. I had a lot on my mind, fighting thru internal pressure, and time restrictions. So I was beating myself up a bit after that wishing I could go back and elaborate more, but by Gods grace I ran into Keef that night and got to chop it up with him! I’m sincerely praying for him and do believe God is up to something.

Some of the most popular responses to Lecrae’s disclosure included:

Samantha Bachman That’s why it’s on the Holy Spirit and not you. You’re only the vessel. Keep spreadin the Word! (most popular response)

Marvin Ramsey We all mess up, so don’t not Crea for his short-comings. Do u listen to the Holy Spirit 100% of the time?

Jd Leeder None of us are perfect bro and I am sure that a “seed” was planted! Good Job!

Rochadd Hendrix what kind of seed can be planted without the gospel?

Abraham Rivera The funny thing is that Half you people that criticize what he should be doing, how he should be acting, and what he should be Saying! You will fold and crush under the pressure of a platform that Big that LECRAE is in! SMH… You wouldn’t be able to handle all that! He is doing just fine! Y’all swear like God has the same purpose for everyone. LECRAE is under Gods control and grace! He knows where he’s taking him! Didn’t David, Moses, Paul, Abraham, and John were all questioned about there motives and actions!???! Many doubted because they didn’t understand what God was doing with them! So get all that Pharisee talk out of here and start praying for our brother!

Shila Casey don’t forget Paul….smh Those called to that platform needs all the prayers and support from those called sons and daughters of God.

Shawn White @john Beck. He is a hip hop artist because that is his genre of music or style of music. Other hip hop artist music reflects drugs sex and money because that’s what they pursue. He has the same style of music but his music reflects Jesus because that’s what he pursues. People wanna put him in a Box as a Christian rapper but he is simply a rapper expressing his heart.

Here’s video of Lecrae’s appearance on BET’s 106&Park program Tuesday, July 4 — an appearance for which he said he was “nervous.”

Here’s Lecrae talking backstage about his “Confessions” video premiere with rapper David Banner, whom he calls a mentor:

And…if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Lecrae’s “Confessions” featuring David Banner:

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