Kong Hee, Singapore Megachurch Pastor Arrested for Fraud, Visits Ed Young’s C3 2013

Kong Hee, megachurch pasor of City Harvest in Singapore, recently attended Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church’s C3 2013 Conference, although he’s currently facing charges of fleecing his congregants to fund his wife’s singing career.

Pastor Kong Hee (far right) and his wife pose for a photograph with Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Texas.

Pastor Kong Hee (far right) and his wife pose for a photograph with Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Texas. (Photo: Twitter/@konghee)

Pastor Hee and a few of his staff members were charged last year with conspiring to steal about $18 million (or $50 million depending on the source) from church members, and the senior pastor of City Harvest Church (Hee) was accused of using church funds to support his wife’s career.

While free and awaiting his trail, Pastor Hee has apparently gotten permission to travel overseas, which he has been doing. He stopped by this weekend at Texas Pastor Ed Young’s C3 conference, who posed for a photo with the Singaporean pastor and his singing wife.

Hee and the five other City Harvest Church staff members charged are expected to head back to court sometime in April. Hee has maintained his innocence and pleaded not guilty to charges.

With the charges he’s facing, should Pastor Kong Hee be keeping a low profile?

Pastor Kong Hee (far right) and his wife pose for a photograph with Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Texas.

Pastor Kong Hee (far right) and his wife pose for a photograph with Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Texas. (Photo: Twitter/@konghee)

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  • Pastor Baldwin Chan

    What people don’t understand is that Pastor Kong Hee loves God and is doing a lot for the Kingdom of God. City Harvest is all about saving the lost and helping the hurting. Should he lay low? Those reading the news have already made their judgments. Sadly, those making judgments have no clue as to the inner workings of the church itself. As one who spent five months at their School of Theology I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that City Harvest is populating heaven and making a big dent in hell. While no church is perfect, I can attest that City Harvest is a church that follows after God’s word wholeheartedly. Pastor Kong Hee should continue to do as God leads him because he has touched the lives of thousands. He’s not laying low because the charges against him are fraudulent. While there does exist leaders who have fallen in disgrace we cannot immediately assume that he and the others who are charged are guilty. However, Singaporean law is the very opposite. People are guilty until proven innocent. We all ought to pray for the church and ask God to help them in their time of need because we all know that sometimes persecution happens when we serve Jesus!

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  • Peter Paul

    The world’s legal system is based on the principle of innocent until proven guilty. However, it seems that Christians operate on the principle of guilty until proven innocent. The church preaches acceptance and forgiveness but in reality, it eats its own. No wonder the world has problems with this form of Churchianity. Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

  • http://N/A Laurence Charles Ringo

    I’m not really sure how to answer this question; it seems that nowadaiys these variou miniisters,pastors,and preachers act as though their sins are somehow overlook or shrugged of by Almighty God…Wrong!! Unfairly or not,those whom you presume to sheperd have every right to expect a high standard of integrity,ethics,and moral rectitude from you,and when trouble is looming on the horizon,you need to step back and deal with it,not spend your time flitting about smiling and taking pictures as though all is well!! Frankly,the church has too many wannabe”celebrity”pastors as is;what,are you looking applause and acclaim like the world bestows on its idols?? Seriously people,what is going on? The fact that these allegations even exist inre this individual and his wife is very troubling; they all need to lay low until their names are completely exonerated. But we’ll see; “nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed”!!!

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