‘No Jesus in School,’ According to Teacher Who Snatched First-Grader’s Candy Canes

A first-grade teacher in California told a student that “Jesus is not allowed in school” before removing a religious story the child affixed to candy canes in celebration of Christmas last month, a non-profit legal firm claims.

The incident reportedly unfolded on Dec. 13, when 6-year-old Isaiah Martinez brought gifts for his peers to Merced Elementary School in West Covina, Calif.

According to a press release distributed by Advocates for Faith & Freedom, the firm handling the case, “Each gift consisted of a traditional candy cane with a message attached that recited the legend of the candy cane. The legend references a candy maker who created the candy cane to symbolize the life of Jesus Christ.”

And that’s where the controversy comes in. …read more

Read full post: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/01/07/jesus-is-not-allowed-teacher-reportedly-bans-first-grade-student-from-handing-out-christmas-candy-cane-story/

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