What Did Jesus Say About Marriage and Homosexuality?

Some people like to claim that Jesus Christ said absolutely nothing about homosexuality or gay marriage in the Bible. This video from a recent “Piers Morgan” interview shows otherwise. 

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  • hannah87

    Why are you against homosexuality? You do realize, don’t you, that homosexuality isn’t a choice and it can’t be changed, which means that being against homosexuality is like being against a person’s skin color or ethnicity, which are both also unchangeable and innate. I’m sure you think it would be hateful to be racist or xenophobic, so why do you think it’s somehow not hateful to be against homosexuality? (Oh, and I myself am bisexual, so I can tell you for a fact that I did not choose to be this way. Ask any other LGBT person and they’ll tell you the exact same thing.)

    Also, just because the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong doesn’t mean that you should believe that it’s wrong, you know. After all, the Bible is just a book, which was written, edited, revised, and translated by fallible, error-prone human beings, which means that it’s got to have at least one error in it, and it has plenty. Have you ever actually looked at the Bible with a critical eye, instead of just blindly believing that it’s free of any sort of errors? Critical thinking isn’t a bad thing, you know. It’s certainly a lot safer and smarter than blind belief is.

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