Jeremy Lin Ignores Disrespect and Tim Tebow Treatment to Prove He’s Still Got It

It’d be easy for Jeremy Lin to lose confidence. It’d be easy for him to retreat into a shell. It’d be easy for him to start tuning out (a la Omer Asik) and just wait and hope against hope for a trade to deliver him a real opportunity.

He’s been dismissed, dissed and marginalized during his second season in Houston, treated like a spare part by his own coach.

Yes, Jeremy Lin could have checked out a long time ago.

Instead when the Houston Rockets need him most, when James Harden is out, when Patrick Beverley wants no part of facing off against Tony Parker, when Chandler Parsons is colder than a winter storm warning, when Kevin McHale has no choice but to use Lin like a real starting NBA player for once, the marginalized man delivers. Jeremy Lin saves the Rockets in that come-from-behind 97-90 victory over the San Antonio Spurs.

It’s impossible to deny that. Just like there’s no denying he plays like an elite level point guard when he’s allowed 44 minutes of playing time. …read more


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