Gospel Artist Fred Hammond Gives Update on Drummer Calvin Rodgers’ Attack at Gunpoint

Calvin Rodgers to Undergo Surgery After Suffering Broken Bones in Vicious Attack

Tweeting from @RealFredHammond, gospel recording artist Fred Hammond shared with supporters Friday the tragic news concerning an attack on his family members, specifically drummer Calvin Rodgers, and how Rodgers’ wife and children witnessed the brutal assault.

Here is what Hammond shared earlier today in a series of emotional tweets:

“Thank you for your continued prayers family. It spared my families life in Chicago.

“Family members in Chicago was robbed @ gunpoint And beaten, But his life was spared. No weapon is what he told me on the phone. Bless God


“Real talk… Emotions are off center now. Having a moment, kids saw it go down, Listening to a song to pull back in.

“Heard my sisters voice in the emergency room… She saw the whole thing. We’re human fam so now I’m trying to figure and reconcile emotions.

“But until I do I talked to my bro in NC. Sending cozens… Not the HolyGhost filled ones. Now I need the savior.

“Try not to judge me if you can, if you can’t I understand… His kids saw it,

“Thousands of my twit family can pray, I don’t want this doctors report to turn ill. I’m clam but just help me out a little.”

Calvin Rodgers speaks in a video uploaded to Socialcam on Oct. 28, 2012.

Calvin Rodgers speaks in a video uploaded to Socialcam on Oct. 28, 2012. (Photo: Socialcam/Calvin Rodgers)

After thanking his Twitter family and supporters for letting him share openly, Hammond detailed some of Rodgers’ injuries, which includes a broken arm.

“Left arm broken in three places,(occupation depends on his hands) Broken nose, bones around right Eye broken, Surgery Monday to correct arm. Stitches in his head prep and back,” the award-winning musician and singer shared, while still remaining grateful. “And even though my emotions are JACKED, GOD is still awesome, I’m not going to Chicago for funeral.”

Hammond also took the time to encourage his fans on Twitter to put life in perspective and try to reconcile and heal whatever broken bonds they have with people. He also asked supporters to show the Rodgers family “an exceeding abundant amount of Love” by tweeting @CalvinR_Rodgers (which should be directed to @RealFredHammond since Mr. Rodgers’ Twitter feed is set to private).

After sharing his heart with supporters, Hammond signed off, saying, “My staff and I appreciate all the love and support at this time.”

News of Calving “C Rod” Rodgers’ attack was shared yesterday in a video made by Kevin Camp, musician, producer, arranger, and CEO of Campground Entertainment.

Rodgers’ fans, still awaiting news from the authorities about the crime, have expressed prayers and well-wishes for his family during this difficult time, and are confident God will bring he and his family through.

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