Georgia Teen Sam McNair Suspended One Year for ‘Innocently’ Hugging Teacher Just Might Deserve It

Sam McNair, a Georgia high school teenager, cannot believe he is being suspended for a whole year and losing out on scholarships just because he gave one of his teacher’s an “innocent” hug — but the hug caught on camera doesn’t look so innocent after all.

This is the video of Sam McNair embracing his teach from the side, width one arm in front of her and the other across her back. McNair and his teacher seem pretty casual at first, but then the student lowers his head and, according to the offended teacher, kissed her neck.



McNair, 17, claims he has hugged this same teacher before, and she claims she has warned him previously about hugging — which McNair denies.

While McNair’s mother is “dumbfounded,” someone should be asking why there was apparently no hesitation on McNair’s part to embrace his teacher in such a casual way? What kind of hug did he give her before that made him feel that this was now appropriate? And really, did this teacher push him away because he had “crossed the line,” — or because they were in public?

There are just too many questions here. The hug was inappropriate, especially if the offended party says so (most women don’t enjoy unwelcomed touches/embrace from any man). Was it sexual harassment? Was it fair to suspend McNair for a whole year? Should the teacher have gone to the police and filed a criminal claim instead?

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