Ed Dufresne Plane Crash: Photos From Word of Faith Pastor’s Memorial Service

Word of Faith movement pastor Ed Dufresne, who died in a plane accident in October, was celebrated in a memorial service recently. His ministry has shared photos of the gathering.

Pastor Dufresne’s bio from his ministry website: 

Dr. Ed Dufresne was a bold and compassionate minister with over 49 years in the ministry. In 1971, God put a tangible healing anointing in Dr. Dufresne’s right hand, and since then he had traveled over 11 million air miles carrying that healing anointing to this generation.

In 1999, Dr. Ed Dufresne had a vision of heaven, and at that time God gave him an endowment to kill cancer. Since then, there had been an increased number of dramatic healings from cancer recorded.

It has been said of Dr. Dufresne that he had a unique ability to draw the anointings and gifts out of ministers. His Campmeetings and Conferences drew ministers from around the globe who desired to receive impartations through this man of God whose ministry is earmarked by the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Dufresne’s heavenly assignment was enlarged to go to the nations. With a heart for the harvest, Dr. Dufresne traveled extensively encouraging the Body of Christ to get ready for the last days move of the Holy Spirit, which will usher in the harvest and mark the return of the Lord!

Dr. Ed Dufresne has five children, Carole, Suzie, Stephanie, Stephen, and Grant.

The photos can be viewed on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.610342042356578.1073741829.141097082614412&type=1

Photos from Pastor Ed Dufresne's memorial service.
Photos from Pastor Ed Dufresne’s memorial service. (Photo: Facebook/Ed Dufresne)
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