Donnie McClurkin Sends Up Prayers for Calvin Rodgers, Victim of Brutal Beating

Benefit Concert Said to Be in the Works for Chicago Gospel Drummer

'Pray for Calvin Rodgers' Image on Twitter
Twitter user JayJosh RocStar ‏shared this image online, sharing: “I’m devastated to hear what happened to fellow musician friend #CalvinRodgers. It literally brought tears.”

Calvin “C-Rod” Rodgers is on the mind and in the prayers of many members of the gospel music industry, with minister Donnie McClurkin sending out his prayers for the married father in a Socialcam video this week.

In the video, McClurkin reveals that Fred Hammond informed him of the attack on Rodgers, who reportedly needs surgery.

“We’re really praying for him and his family,” McClurkin said. “Like I told Fred, find out whatever needs they have outstanding and let us know.”

“Calvin Rodgers has played for every one of us, so we’re praying for Calving and his family. We really want God to move and heal Calving quickly. I want everyone to pray, please pray.”

The accomplished gospel musician and Christian minister added, “I thank God for the power of the Internet, the power of modern technology that gives us the ability to reach out to one another. That’s what I’m doing, doing my part in this,” McClurkin said, before quoting James 5:16, which reads: “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” (See McClurkin’s video here)

James Fortune, a fellow gospel artist and three-time Stellar Award winner, shared McClurkin’s video prayer with his 168,000 Twitter followers.

Fred Hammond opened his hear to his own followers last week, sharing details about the vicious attack Rodgers endured and left the popular drummer in need of surgery.

“Left arm broken in three places, (occupation depends on his hands) Broken nose, bones around right Eye broken, Surgery Monday to correct arm. Stitches in his head prep and back,” Hammond shared. The award-winning artist remained hopeful, however, adding, “And even though my emotions are JACKED, GOD is still awesome, I’m not going to Chicago for funeral.”

Singer Anita M. Wilson also indicated on Twitter Tuesday that a special concert for the Rodgers family was in the works.

“There will be some benefit events for Calvin Rodgers soon & I will be a part of those. Stay tuned for details,” Wilson told a fan who asked when he would be seeing her perform again in Chicago.

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