Does Lecrae…Drink, Cuss, Smoke Weed (Really People?)

Rehab (Lecrae album)

Rehab (Lecrae album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After noticing that a couple of online search queries involved the question of whether rapper Lecrae Moore was “for” President Barack Obama, I decided to see what else the kiddies and grown folks had been searching for… and boy was it a shock. While typing in “does Lecrae…” into Bing and Google, suggested phrases included “believe word of faith”, “have kids”, “cuss”, and “smoke weed” among others. Yahoo search was pretty boring, and is apparently unpopular, as the only suggested search phrase was “does lecrae cuss/curse”. Here’s a snapshot of what inquiring minds apparently want to know about Lecrae Moore of Reach Records and the 116 Clique (that’s Romans 1:16).

Does Lecrae...on Bing

From Bing:

  • does lecrae believe in word of faith
  • does lecrae drink
  • does lecrae cuss
  • does lecrae have tattoos
  • does lecrae have kids
  • does lecrae sing
  • does lecrae have a wife
  • does lecrae use the n word
Does Lecrae... Google search

Does Lecrae… Google suggested search phrases.

From Google:

  • does lecrae smoke week
  • does lecrae curse
  • does lecrae have kids
  • does lecrae curse in his lyrics

Does Lecrae smoke weed, cuss or use the n-word? Only he can answer those questions I suppose, although I’m sure fans and supporters would quickly contend that he wouldn’t do anything to compromise his witness for Christ.

For those other questions, maybe they can be answered by Lecrae’s bio on the Reach Records website.

Although it may be supporters of his music asking the magic search engines those questions, I really would not be surprised if it’s also some haters looking for something to hate on.


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