‘It’s Destructive’ — John Piper Make the Case for Christians to Avoid Smoking Pot

John Piper, a prominent theologian and pastor, penned a blog post Thursday highlighting why he believes Christians should avoid recreational marijuana use.

Titled “Don’t Let Your Mind Go to Pot,” the piece argues that there are two specific “biblical truths” that show why weed isn’t something believers should partake in.

First, Piper argued that the human body is “the temple of the Holy Spirit” — and second, he posited that “God gave us minds and hearts to know him and love him and discern his will.”

He proceeded to provide advice he’d take if he were raising children in today’s culture. …read more

Read full post: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/01/13/popular-pastor-warns-against-weed-marijuana-is-destructive-mood-altering/


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