Lecrae music video "I'm Turnt".

Lecrae Needs to Be Reevaluated by the Christian Church, Says Critic

If Lecrae were looking at himself objectively, even he would caution church leaders considering “bringing him in.” In his attempt to reach and engage today’s hip hop culture, the popular rapper has made some decisions that are destructive to the souls of men. Lecrae may be able to work with secular artists and not be influenced by their music content – but our youth are not.

Lecrae Moore

Lecrae: ‘I’m Here to Help the Sick’

Lecrae recently did an interview about his new “Churches Clothes 2″ mixtape, his studio album and his distinctions between his “holy hip-hop” music a couple of years ago and the focus of his new music.

Jefferson Bethke and Allysa Joy Fenton

Jefferson Bethke: Millennial Christians Are the New Religious Fundamentalists

Jefferson Bethke, made famous by his YouTube spoken word hit “Why Hate Religion, But Love Jesus,” has penned an op-ed for The Washington Post. In it, Bethke suggests that his generation (20-30 somethings) are the new fundamentalists, who happen to live out their Christian faith a bit differently, but with as much passion, as the generations that came before them. What do you think?


John Piper: Is “Nigga” Another Way of Saying “That Guy”?

John Piper, Christian theologian of Desiring God Ministries, shared an insightful article seeking to explain why black and white Americans might “interpret” Trayvon Martin’s friend and witness Rachel Jeantel different, specifically with the teen’s use of the word “nigga.”

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