Bill Maher and Bill Nye Team Up Against Creationism and Ken Ham

Image source: HBO via YouTube raw clip

Bill Maher interviewed Bill Nye on Friday night’s “Real Time” program to revisit Nye’s evolution-versus-creationism debate with Ken Ham.

Image source: HBO via YouTube raw clip

“I respect his passion,” Nye said of Ham’s creationist stance. “At first I thought maybe he’s a charlatan who’s just trying to take advantage of people, but I think he might really believe it.”

“Oh he totally believes it,” Maher concurred, “which is why I don’t respect him.”

Maher said doubt and not knowing answers to eternal questions terrifies religious people, which is why they hold on to their faith.

Nye noted his concern over what students are being taught in schools. “If we raise a generation of students (that is) scientifically illiterate, we’re not going to have the next iPhone, we’re not going to have the next innovation.”

Watch the HBO clip below via YouTube. (Content warning: Rough language ahead…)

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