Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Paula White Victims of Fraud?

Just recently, Pastor Paula White released a statement to her supporters warning them of posers attempting to solicit funds, and now minister Benny Hinn has issued a similar statement to his followers.

Benny Hinn Ministries made the following statement on Facebook Monday:

“From time to time we receive disturbing reports of dubious online, telephone, and social media solicitations on behalf of Benny Hinn Ministries. We apologize that so many try and use the name of our ministry in this way.”

The message then, of course, directed readers to the website where they could donate funds.

One of Hinn’s supporters commented on the Facebook post that the same thing has been occurring with Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

“They are doing the same thing with Kenneth Copeland as well. It’s a real shame that people would use the name of wonderful Men of God to shame them and profit themselves all at the same time. Praying for the both of you,” Hinn’s Facebook supporter shared.

Sure enough, a visit over to Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Facebook page revealed the following message:

We are getting lots of emails and phone calls from people that are concerned they have received potential phone solicitations from “KCM”. Please know that KCM does call our Partners on a regular basis to ask if they have prayer requests, or in cases of disaster relief. However, please make note of the number that it will come from: 817-252-2800. We never solicit funds with our calls at all, and never will. So if you have someone asking you for money and saying they are KCM, it is NOT us and should be reported. Thank you so much for staying alert to these things. We appreciate you all! – Team KCM

Paula White

Paula White. (Photo: Facebook/Paula White Ministries)

Pastor Paula White, whose Facebook profile photos are awesome, shared the same message with her supporters a few months ago — reminding them to do due diligence before sending anyone money.

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  • Truthisjoy

    All three are peddling Gods word word. As Gods word says “you reap what you sow” These types of filthy lucre hypocrites bring shame to Jesus name. They best repent of using Jesus name in vain.

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  • http://N/A Laurence Charles Ringo

    Wow.You mean to tell me someone is scamming in the name of the scamvangelists?? How deliciously ironic yet horribly sad at the same time…I don’t mind going on record and saying I have zero respect for either Copeland or Hinn;White I don’t so well.But the other two…I wouldn’t listen to Hinn or Copeland if they preached for free right outside my front door. They themselves are the very reason cons,scams,and extortions of this nature arise,and now that someone is reaching out to touch their”golden calves”they’re up in harms!! A pox on all their houses;these hirelings have their reward!

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