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[Updated: Oct. 26, 2013]


  • fills in and bridges the gaps neglected (purposefully or unwittingly) by existing Christian media.
  • presents news, information, and ideas reflective of the interests, viewpoints and concerns of those to whom Jesus Christ is both Savior and Lord.
  • presents the objective noted above from a biblical, gracious, loving and realistic worldview.
  • welcomes discussion from Christians and non-Christians who are willing to speak honestly, openly and respectfully.
  • does not take itself too seriously.

Christ.Culture.News is for those who love Christ and don’t mind a good laugh — at themselves, the Church and the world. Although focusing on serious issues related to Faith and Life as “aliens and strangers” in the world, the bulk of CCN’s content is lighthearted and socially interactive.

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Founded Oct. 2012.

Leading Source for Christian news & pop culture:

Cited by Chicagonow.com, The New York Times and credited with breaking the Joel Osteen resignation hoax by Know Your Meme.

















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  • http://gravatar.com/ruwethin Islander

    Cool. Looking forward to reading some of these….

  • Kat

    This is a welcome breath of fresh air!

  • http://christcenteredteaching.wordpress.com Christ Centered Teaching

    Looking forward to Christ.Culture.News.
    We need more deliberate discussion of all things from a Christ Centered view.
    God bless,

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