5 Lessons From ‘Noah’ Screenwriter

By Phil Cooke

I had the opportunity last week to chat with Ari Handel, the screenwriter of the upcoming Paramount motion picture “Noah.”

Ari is both a producer and writer, known for The Fountain (2006), Black Swan (2010) and The Wrestler (2008). He was actually trained as a neuroscientist, and earned his Ph.D. in that field. Then he made the decision to move into the entertainment business with his old friend Darren Aronofsky.

When it comes to Noah, we’ve heard the hype and the controversy, and I wanted to get straight to the writing. Here’s what’s important to Ari when it comes to writing:

1. With every project, he always sets either a daily word target or time limit. Once he hits the either one, he rewards himself and stops. Without targets we often become lost in the work. We get stranded in the ditch of never ending work, and never experience the victory of a job well done. Rewarding yourself for hitting a pre-determined target is a very popular technique for serious writers. Ernest Hemingway became famous locally for mixing martinis after a hard day of writing. But how you reward yourself is up to you…

2. When he …read more

Source: 5 Lessons From ‘Noah’s Screenwriter


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