4 Ways to Help Overcome the Struggle of Shame From Your Sexual Past

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By Chuck Bomar

Recently I had the pleasure of being a part of an event called Loveology. It’s actually the title of a new book that my friend, John Mark Comer, wrote.

I just sat on a Q&A panel for the event, but I endorsed the book and did so not just because JM is my friend but because I really believe in the book. It’s a critical message for our time, to be sure.

There were 2,800 people packed into this theater for the night event. Phil Wickham led worship, and John Mark taught a couple messages before we had the panel. People texted in questions, and we responded. It went great. We laughed a lot, joked with each other … and then I cried some.

I didn’t expect to cry. There was just a question that came up that really got me. A person texted in a question about being sexually abused as a child and was asking for direction on how to break down the walls that had been built between her and God. Unfortunately, I don’t remember her exact wording of the question.

I know it was a woman, because she emailed me this morning. I apparently addressed the question with …read more

Source: 4 Ways to Help Overcome the Struggle of Shame From Your Sexual Past


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